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You don’t need to be an expert in bodybuilding to know about the one supplement that’s often at the top of many people’s list. Creatine is proven to enhance workout intensity, promote faster recovery and increase your metabolic rate.

As a popular supplement, there’s no surprise that there are a ton of suppliers on the market, each offering their own blend of creatine. A lot of these offer positive benefits in addition to the normal effects from taking creatine.

If you’re thinking of purchasing creatine to supplement your workout and are considering your options, this review may help your buying decision.


Nutritional Value

MusclePharm is just one of the many providers. Their stated goal is to provide customers with the finest benefits from all the different varieties of creatine. As such, one unique aspect of MusclePharms recipe is that it’s a mix of five different types of creatine. It provides all of the benefits of each type, increasing strength, power, and endurance in the gym.

What’s also unique about MusclePharms formula is the inclusion of Cinnulin, a proprietary compound promoting better creatine absorption, which further enhances ATP regeneration.

Furthermore, unlike a lot of other brands, MusclePharm requires no loading. Not sure what this is? Well, if you’re new to creatine supplements, a lot of suppliers recommend taking in large amounts of creatine initially (known as the loading phase), and then lowering intake to normal levels once you’ve reached saturation. It’s perfectly safe for many but can lead to a bunch of side effects like water retention and intestinal issues.


Customer Review

Does it work? Well, a lot of customers who bought MusclePharms creatine report a noticeable difference. Some claim that other brands are more effective, but only a few report zero changes. And others note that there are results, but it’s not immediately noticeable.

One consistent complaint is the texture of the powder. Like a lot of creatine supplements, the powder is tasteless, allowing you to mix it with water or your workout shakes. However, MusclePharm’s variant is gritty, grainy and reportedly doesn’t dissolve well in water or juice. Instead, it floats to the bottom, making it awkward and difficult to drink. The sensation is almost like drinking sand, which is probably uncomfortable to most. Some people recommend letting the product sit a while longer before drinking, but it’s not clear how this helps the powder dissolve.

Hereunder you’ll find a few customer video reviews of this product that may help you make up your mind in case you wish to give this creatine a try:



Advertised as a high-quality but low priced option, MusclePharm’s blend of creatine is a suitable option for those on a budget. Most people have stated that there is a difference, even if it takes some time before feeling the effects. But if you need to feel an immediate boost, it may be preferable to look for another option with so many on the market.

The biggest plus is definitely not having to undergo loading. If you’re new to creatine and are worried about the side effects, then MusclePharm is a viable option to get the best benefits without taking the risks of loading phases. Being cheap, it’s also a low-risk investment.

However, one thing you may not enjoy is the consumption process. The mixture is often gritty and difficult to mix into drinks, making ingesting the product an uncomfortable process.

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Musclepharm Creatine

Musclepharm Creatine

Nutritional Value


    Product Efficiency


      Ingredient Safety


        Label Accuracy


          Price vs Quality



            • Great Price vs Quality Ratio
            • No Loading Phase Required
            • Provides Nice Strength Gains
            • Improves Endurance


            • Hard to Blend
            • It Lacks Flavour

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